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Robyn Sandoval

Senate Judiciary Hearing on Gun Control

When Chris Cheng was invited to testify at the Senate Judiciary Hearing on “Constitutional and Common Sense steps to Reduce Gun Violence,” on March 23, he asked Dianna Muller for ideas and support. She was on the next flight! While helping Chris prepare for his testimony, she suggested that she and fellow Second Amendment advocate Maj Toure of Black Guns… Read More »Senate Judiciary Hearing on Gun Control

Jan/Feb 2021 Update

Our Second Amendment rights are under attack like never before. Numerous pieces of legislation are threatening our freedoms.  Please act now to let lawmakers know your wishes. They work for you, and it’s crucial to phone them or email them to voice your opinion. DON’T WAIT! Contact your Representative:  Contact your Senator: Calling for 2A… Read More »Jan/Feb 2021 Update

DC Project Founder Honored with Gundie Award

DC Project Founder Dianna Muller was honored at the 2021 Gundie Awards hosted by Forge Relations at the Ox Ranch in Uvalde, TX, on January 22, 2021. The first-ever Jerry Miculek Achievement Award was presented to Muller to recognize her commitment to the Second Amendment and the Constitution with integrity.

Quarterly Report – 4Q 2020

MESSAGE FROM DI We made history in 2020 by increasing the DC Project from a small group of 50 women (one from every state) to thousands of advocates across the U.S. Despite difficulties caused by the pandemic, our growth spurred more conversations with federal and state lawmakers than in any previous year of our activism. … Read More »Quarterly Report – 4Q 2020

DC PROJECT OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES #TealFor2ACampaign For Second Amendment Advocacy

TULSA, OK – (November 23, 2020) – The #TealFor2A campaign is a collective movement spreading across America in support of the Second Amendment. The color teal represents a steadfast commitment to preserving the right to bear arms and reflects the shared mission of individuals and organizations fighting for gun rights.  Spearheaded by the DC Project, #TealFor2A cause… Read More »DC PROJECT OFFICIALLY LAUNCHES #TealFor2ACampaign For Second Amendment Advocacy

DC Project Promotes #GunVote

Preserve Your Rights. Protect Your Family.TM The women of the DC Project visit Capitol Hill to fight for YOUR right to bear arms! We meet lawmakers from all over the U.S. to discuss the Second Amendment and are on the front lines of the 2020 #GunVote. Thanks to the Outdoor Sportsman Group for airing this public… Read More »DC Project Promotes #GunVote

Quarterly Report – 3Q 2020

MESSAGE FROM DI With the election only days away, it’s important to be informed about how our U.S. Senators and Congresspeople are graded when it comes to the Second Amendment. Click here to see the most recent NSSF Congressional Report Card and learn who supports the 2A and who does not. DC PROJECT – ADVOCACY… Read More »Quarterly Report – 3Q 2020

Quarterly Report – 2Q 2020

MESSAGE FROM DI Hello, and welcome to our new quarterly report. Here you will see how the DC Project has been advocating for the preservation of the Second Amendment. We will share what we have learned on our journey, and provide tips and information for how YOU can make a difference in your community. Please… Read More »Quarterly Report – 2Q 2020