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Rally at the U.S. Capitol

The DC Project meets regularly at the U.S. Capitol to celebrate our Second Amendment rights! Gather for speakers, encouragement, and fellowship with women and men from across the country!

Compete for a Cause
Gadsden Shooting Center
Iberia, MO

Come to the Gadsden Team Match that supports the DC Project’s efforts to preserve our 2nd amendment!  The fundraiser banquet and auction, celebrity appearances, fun exhibitions and demos make a star-studded team match!

About DC Project

The DC Project is a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment.

A non-partisan initiative of daughters, mothers, and sisters that believe education is the key to firearm safety and violence prevention, not legislation. We counter the disinformation gun control groups circulate by informing our friends, families, communities, and legislators with the truth that gun rights are human rights.