Brooke Cheney

I came to gun ownership later in life. I never really knew anything about them. My dad would take me to the range, hand me a loaded gun, I would shoot some targets, then hand it back to him. This only happened a handful of times. When I met my husband in college, he had a pistol permit so I decided to get one too. Funny thing was we rarely went shooting and when we did, it was pretty much the same thing. He would hand me a gun, I would shoot, and then I would hand it back to him.

In 2007, I found myself home with two small children. I knew I didn’t want to become the statistic of people who harm themselves with their own firearms. Luckily my husband had friends at the range who would take me shooting and help me while he watched the kids.

I still remember that first time being able to pack my own bag and head to the range. I was so excited and confident! I want to share that feeling with everyone that wants to learn. I wanted to let other people learn that confidence that comes with mastering another skill. I have been learning and training ever since! I have met so many AMAZING people in the gun industry and sports and they have changed my life.

I have been part of the legislative process in CT since 2011. My 1st testimony was against a 10 round magazine ban, learning that a magazine ban IS a gun ban. Since then I have testified many times, including the Sandy Hook three day marathon. Where I started researching what actually stops or prevents violence. That is when I learned the 2 out of every 3 “gun deaths” are a suicide. Since 2017 I have been doing a suicide prevention on Facebook and YouTube to raise awareness around metal health.

I became involved in and became chair of my local Political Town Committee and worked on numerous political campaigns. I have run for, and held political office in my town, and learned what it truly means to be a part of this process we call government. I have learned to ask questions beyond the headlines once I started reading the bills that come forward.

My name is Brooke Cheney and I am a NRA Instructor & Training counselor, a competitive shooter, safety officer, and a perpetual student.