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Kelly Pidgeon

Northeast Regional Director

Kelly Pidgeon is a retired healthcare executive, mom, community volunteer, professional firearms instructor, 2A advocate and public.

Retired after 30 years in healthcare administration, Kelly is mom, wife, caregiver to her elderly mom and is an ATHENA award recipient, and community volunteer for multiple non-profit organizations.

Kelly is also the owner of ARMED and Feminine, LLC, a company specializing in firearms training for women.  Her company has trained over 2,200 students in just a few years in firearms and personal safety.

Kelly is a strong 2A advocate, is the Pennsylvania representative for the DC Project, and is often a speaker at public events and rallies. She also has a YouTube channel and multiple social media forums for spreading the 2A word.

She is a certified USCCA and NRA instructor and an ICE certified Defensive Firearms Coach.  She holds Bachelor and Master degrees from the University of Pittsburgh.