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Laura Evans

Marketing/Media Director
Laura Evans is a former anti-gun mom turned Second Amendment advocate. A marketing/PR professional, Laura specializes in the shooting sports industry.

Laura Evans utilizes her knowledge of the shooting sports industry to assist the DC Project in building relationships through effective communication and strategic partnerships. She is a PR/marketing consultant who grows visibility for products and brands. After working in a variety of industries, she landed in the firearms industry where she has spent the past 12+ years increasing exposure for companies in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry.

Raised to fear guns, Laura sought to learn as much as she could about firearms. Through that journey, she became a self-reliant gun owner and gained the confidence to protect herself and her family.

As a DC Project delegate, Laura has participated in more than 30 face-to-face meetings with Senators, U.S. Representatives, and their staffs on Capitol Hill, working to build long-term relationships and promote education versus more legislation.