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Kari Grayson

Kari Grayson is a professional firearms instructor, gun range owner, 2a advocate, mom to 3 daughters and passionate about educating women in safe firearm handling and ownership.

Kari Grayson is the founder and creator of License2Kari. Her journey into firearms instruction came about in 2018 when she and her husband became part owners of Buck & Doe’s Mercantile gun range and boutique. When they first acquired the business, she was only interested in the boutique side and had no desire to even visit the gun range. She had no shooting experience and had been a music instructor for the previous 20 years with a Master’s of Music Education degree. She finally took a shooting lesson and discovered how much fun it was and that she wasn’t too bad either! With a passion for teaching, Kari decided to fully embark on the path to becoming a firearms instructor. She quickly became an NRA Pistol Instructor and USCCA instructor followed up by acquiring her License to Carry instructor certification for the State of Texas. She started teaching classes at Buck & Doe’s and has continued to expand her course offerings as well as her own personal certifications. Kari believes it’s never too late to re-invent yourself and pursue your passions. She continues to train with the top instructors around the country on a frequent basis so she may bring the best training and knowledge to her students. Her personal motto is “Sometimes the Instructor…Always the Student”.

  • San Antonio, TX