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Advisory Board

Holly Sullivan

Holly Sullivan is the President at CCDL (Connecticut Citizens Defense League), and the CT delegate for The DC Project. Holly is a working professional raising a… Read More »Holly Sullivan

Amanda Suffecool

Amanda Suffecool is the host of, a syndicated radio show that is broadcast AM/FM nationwide and via podcast channels. She is a leading female… Read More »Amanda Suffecool

Kelly Pidgeon

  Kelly Pidgeon is the owner of ARMED and Feminine, LLC, a company specializing in firearms training for women.  Her company has trained over 2,200… Read More »Kelly Pidgeon

Beth Walker

Beth Walker is a 19-year-old competitive shooter, Second Amendment advocate, college student, and writer. Her hope is that she can reach her generation to teach… Read More »Beth Walker

Stephanie Schafer

Stephanie was introduced to firearms in 2010 and has been instructing firearms courses as an NRA and Nebraska CHP Instructor for more than 5 years. Stephanie’s NRA… Read More »Stephanie Schafer

Robyn Sandoval

Robyn Sandoval is a converted anti-gunner, who shares her journey from gun control to gun rights. Robyn is the owner and Executive Director of A… Read More »Robyn Sandoval

Dianna Muller

Dianna Muller is a two-time national 3-gun champion and professional shooter. She is a retired 22-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department serving assignments in… Read More »Dianna Muller