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State Directors


Karla Mooney is a multi-discipline firearms instructor, Maryland State Qualified Handgun Instructor, Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters- Maryland State Leader. She is always fighting to protect our civil rights with determination and strength. American through and through!


I retired in 2013 after almost 40 years in the travel industry. I have lived in Oklahoma my entire life except for a 6 month stint in London, England in 1994 and a 3 month stint in Dublin, Ireland in 1997. I was lucky enough to travel to many international destinations as part of my… Read More »Oklahoma


Shirley Watral is a professional firearms instructor, survivor of domestic violence, author of Heels to Holster, speaker and Second Amendment advocate. She has a passion for educating women on how to handle firearms safely so they can become their own first responder. She empowers others by sharing her own life story and wants to encourage… Read More »Florida


Violent Crime Survivor, 2nd Amendment Advocate, Marketing Mercenary and Mom of 2 teenagers, on an unwavering journey to protect and preserve our constitutional rights. Mary Forgues is a small business professional as the owner of LoMag Marketing and Consulting, as well as owner and operator of Paravant Group firearm training. She is on the Executive… Read More »Connecticut


Becky Lou Lacock is an avid outdoor enthusiast to include hunting whitetail deer, blacktail deer, bird, wild turkey, squirrel, waterfowl, predators, and has enjoyed fresh & saltwater fishing all her life in SW Louisiana. She is a strong advocate and political activist for protecting and preserving the 2nd Amendment. She has been active in the… Read More »Louisiana


Following a particularly scary event. Sirena made the decision to protect herself with firearms. She didn’t take the decision lightly and sought help and training from a woman’s shooting organization. Through the support of the other women she gained the skills and confidence to become a firearms instructor and start a new chapter of the… Read More »Vermont


DC Project Delegate from California and State Leader for DC Project – California and is also the General LGBT Delegate. Ms. Roberts is been shooting competitively for over 50 years, using rifles, pistols, and shotguns, she has competed on the state, national and international level in several disciplines. She is a firearms instructor at one… Read More »California


Kerrie Ann is a business owner, Conservation Clerk for the Town of Berkley. She also runs a shooting chapter for the ” Well Armed Women.” She is also an NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor, Range Safety Officer, and a Refused To Be a Victim instructor. If Kerrie Ann is not working, she… Read More »Massachusetts


A retired stay-at-home mom and former award winning sugar artist and needlework pattern designer, Susan now spends her time helping women become happy and confident concealed carriers as well as closely following and testifying on firearms legislation in her state. Along with her role as DC Project’s State Director for Missouri, Susan serves as a… Read More »Missouri


South Dakota

Susan is one of the quintessential behind the scenes personalities in the gun industry. although she normally shuns the spotlight, she helps steer many familiar 2nd Amendment media and gun rights organizations that you have heard of. She’s the co=producer and co-editor of The Polite Society Podcast and helps guide the Self Defense Radio Network.… Read More »South Dakota


As a firearms enthusiast, I truly enjoy the sport, however my real passion is training and working with women who are new to the sport. I am a proud Veteran of the U.S. Navy and U.S. Army, and served in Baghdad and Afghanistan. In 2017, I started the Well Armed Woman Southern Arkansas Chapter, because… Read More »Arkansas


Creator | Executive Producer |Co-Host | Gun Freedom Radio Owner | and Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions Motto | #PolkaDotsAreMyCamo Cheryl Todd is the owner of AZFirearms Auctions, Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions, and Executive Producer & Co-Host of GunFreedomRadio. Cheryl has nearly 40 years of experience in business and holds undergraduate degrees in… Read More »Arizona


Co-Host & Co-Producer of Extreme Desire TV and outdoors media writer, I live in Central Oregon and have spent most of my life outdoors. Growing up on large ranches and later managing ranches and training horses kept me out in the field most of my life, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. My… Read More »Oregon


My introduction to firearms consisted mainly of plinking a rifle or shotgun on someone’s farm. When my school offered the DNR Youth Firearms course I jumped at the chance to take it. From there into adulthood I really did not have much to do with firearms. On a couple occasions I made it out to… Read More »Minnesota


Kathleen is the Suicide Prevention Educator for the DC Project and a lifelong firearms owner and partner in a small firearms parts manufacturing business. For almost a decade she has worked with families and veterans around firearms safety, safe storage and suicide prevention. She has degrees in toxicology and oceanography and has worked in marine… Read More »Washington

New York

Lauren is from Staten Island NY and a true New Yorker born and raised. She has lived in Staten Island her whole life and is still currently living. She is the New York State Leader for the DC Project. She has been involved with the DC Project for the last 5 years and has been… Read More »New York

New Jersey

Theresa has been a Second Amendment advocate in New Jersey, one of the most infringed states in the country, for the last decade. She serves as Communications Director and Trustee for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO), New Jersey’s most active 2A organization. Inacker has testified before the New Jersey state legislature regarding… Read More »New Jersey


Author of “Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense Fundamentals,” associate editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, and creator of the “Pacifiers & Peacemakers” blog, Beth Alcazar has enjoyed two decades of teaching and working in the firearms industry. She holds degrees in language arts, education, and communication management, and uses her experience and enthusiasm to share safe and… Read More »Alabama


The third generation of her family to work in the firearms industry, Ms. Westrom is the owner of Davenport Guns & Shooting Club, a full-service firearms range, training and retail facility in Davenport, Iowa. Prior to that she worked at her father’s manufacturing company, ArmaLite Inc. (AR stands for ArmaLite.) In the late 1990s she… Read More »Iowa